Game 2: Oakland at Michigan Open Thread

The player that I’m most excited about watching this evening is Terrance Williams II. I’m hoping that he’s going to pick up where he left off against Bowling Green and take his offensive aggressiveness to the next level.


I’m looking to see if Hunter can go 30 minutes. He needs to be ready for those kind of minutes before conference time.


I’m waiting to see if Franz can drain a 3, and if Chaundee can keep on his trajectory


Defensive intensity from the jump. Go Blue


Officials tonight: Bo Boroski, Bill Ek, Courtney Green

Sadly, we won’t be able to take much from this game going up against Oakland’s junk zone. It’s a weird flawed 1-3-1 / 2-3 hybrid and is barely going to be real basketball.

Yeah, not going to be a ton offensively – the stats from Oakland’s zone are horrendous. I do think we could see a few things defensively as far as how Michigan is trending and how it deals w/ certain looks.

I also think that Michigan is still at the point where guys just need game reps, even against a BS zone.

Only offensive thing to look for is how many 3’s go down really.

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If OU plays zone it will be interesting to see Dickinson flashing into the lane, his decision making, and M’s shooting prowess

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Same starters for Michigan: Smith, Brooks, Wagner, Livers, Davis.

Davis is starting again. Same lineup as last game.

Dylan you type faster than me haha.

Interested to see if we get a lineup with Brown, Johns and Dickinson (or Davis really). I imagine especially against a zone they could have some success crashing the glass offensively.

Seriously! I think he needs to see a couple go in and then he will be ok. He drained one after a foul whistle in the first game when the pressure was off.

Eli needs to see one go in too.

I mean he’s 1/2 on the year.

Let’s get these shots up boys and communicate on D and get through this game injury free!!! Let’s go blue

I wonder how long it will be before Dickinson takes the starting job from Davis. If Dickinson can keep playing like he did last game, I think it can only be a matter of time. Having playmaking from the C position is such a boost to the offense that I think can make this team transition from good to dangerous.

We may miss the tip.