Game 2: Holy Cross at Michigan Open Thread

Small programming note: Game recap from tonight will be up in the morning rather than late tonight. My apologies!


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Hoping to see small improvements on the offensive side of the ball tonight!

Ello ello, how is everyone?

I’m good. Pretty pumped for student announcers.

BTN Plus is crapping out on Roku. Anybody else?

Mine was choppy so I just went with the computer.

Audio is still talking football

Maybe we’ll figure out that they can hit threes.

Can’t find a stream if anyone can help out. Looks like its 11-9 HC with 13:30 left?

Holy Cross looks like a nice team. Of course well coached. Good test

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Michigan IMG tunein

18-9 HC??.. what happened to our defense. Sheesh.

Looks like Iggy coming in for Davis maybe?!?!

Yeah looks like our bigs are having some match up issues.

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They’re getting Mo’d


I think Holy Cross is 4-4 from 3.

I like it…

Looks like Dylan is MIA tonight. No updates on twitter, in this thread. Even life gets in the way for our fearless leader!