Game 19: Minnesota at Michigan Preview

I think the outcome of this game comes down to how well Michigan plays, not on anything Minnesota does or doesn’t do.
We haven’t been operating on a high level, based on our capabilities, at either end of the court in recent games. Are we in an ongoing funk or did the Wisconsin loss snap us out of it. I am anxious to see how we play tonight.

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Michigan’s record of a bounce back win after a loss has really been good the past couple of years. Iggy will be good and I hope the same goes for Charles.

I like the new visuals showing where teams fall relative to other B1G teams. I get the colors, and really like being able to see the spectrum… but what does the height of the shape signify?

They are representing the distribution. I was originally trying to create them across all D1, so it made a little more sense when you couldn’t see every dot.

I just took Michigan -12. I’m still wavering on the O/U of 139.

got it - thanks!

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