Game 18: Penn State at Michigan Preview

Great preview as always. Feels about as much of a “must-win” as a conference game can seven games in. A good gut-check game for the home team and I think we’ll find out a lot about their fortitude in the next two games especially, Livers or not.

Oh, and the picture of Chambers made my day. Well done.

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must win game tonight.


Feels like every home game is a must win. Which is stressful considering practically every home game is simultaneously very losable.


I’m surprised the article doesn’t have basic information about what day/time the game is, and where it would be on TV.

Usually it’s mentioned in opening paragraph but yeah, I don’t see it in this one. It’s tonight at 7:00p on BTN.


Whoops, my bad. Usually put it in there. Added to the intro.


If Livers doesn’t play and Johns gets into any sort of foul trouble, seems like a great game to play a lot of zone? Given Penn State is not a great rebounding team nor a great 3pt shooting team, might be ideal?

I just don’t see how they guard Stevens in man-to-man if Johns is on the bench.


I agree, I’m pretty nervous. Also I work til 9 tonight. Some how lately I’m constantly working during games. Trying to think of a way I can tape it and rewatch it. Maybe the fox app allows this assuming it’s on btn?

Losing those two road games which were both very winnable has really left this team with a much smaller margin of error. Hopefully they turn it up. I’m having a hard time letting those go.

Great first post. Man, if only that information was available somewhere…

We don’t have cable, and after years of watching p*rate streams in endless frustration, we got youtube TV. You can watch the games at any time from beginning to end. Not quite everything is on–the SEC soccer that my daughter likes, for instance. Several times recently, I came home from an event and sat down and watched hours after the game had ended, finding out the outcomes at the end.

Not THAT much else available that interests me–peek in on an NFL game for five minutes, parts of B1G matches. . . have also watched some M women’s games, M hockey, and soccer (US men and women, too).

Maybe everyone knows about this already, but we’re finding it worth it.

Pat always looks like he’s AWOL from the cast of Guys and Dolls.

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I wonder if Chambers goes some with Stevens in the post if Juwan will counter with Johns at the 5 and go with the three guard lineup. I wonder if we get honored with Wymer as ref again. He was in Lafyette last night for the Illini vs Boilers game. Livers a no go I hear again.

Judging by this particular Chambers pose, a ref must have told him “Sit down, you’re rocking the boat.”

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Does it have fs1,fs2,btn,fox spts Detroit,all espn channels, nbc sports net, cbs sports net?

If you go to youtube TV subscribe etc there is IIRC a list of the offerings. Not sure if it varies regionally, but I am doing what I described from N Florida.

This is a stressful season. Granted every year is a stressful season.
I told myself prior to the season to be patient being that Matthews Poole Brazdeikis and Beilein departed but my fandom clearly doesn’t pay mind to logic.
Anyways, here’s hoping transition defense is better and shots go down tonight.


Yes, it has all those channels. Will only get the Detroit channels if you live in Michigan though.


Huh. I’m quite different–feel that Juwan is playing with house money and lots of it. Especially with Isaiah injured and how he’s recruiting.

But I have to admit that my aging behind is sometimes just happy that another game day has rolled around and I get to watch my team.


It can always be a combination; nervous at the time, stressing out because you care, knowing the future is bright and the coach is going to be a good one, but the present game at hand makes the stomach a mess.

And yes, aging calms the nerves and provides a more even perspective, but heh, not a lot.

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