Game 18: Penn State at Michigan Open Thread

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Am I wrong in thinking this is one of the more ‘must win’ games of the season? Coming off three of four defeats, this starts a five-game streak of games before hosting MSU that are all differing ranges of winnable. AND this is the game before welcoming in a red-hot Illinois.

It’s important, but it isn’t necessarily more important than any other home game left on the schedule.

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Tonight’s officiating crew for Penn State at Michigan: Terry Oglesby, Bill Ek and Paul Szelc.

That’s fair. I’m just worried about the timing. At the start of the season I would have looked at this coming five-game stretch and thought this could be a good 5-0 stretch before the MSU game. After two losses on the road, it feels to me like this is a game to try and get some momentum back and starting up again at home.

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Respectfully, Dylan, how is it that I rely upon, yet abhor, your rationality at the same time? Oh yeah… “fan” is short for “fanatic.”

I imagine Johns & Wagner will be on Stevens most of the game, should we be worried that this is a one man show again? Haven’t paid much attention to PSU this year, but I know Stevens is up there in scoring in the big ten

Crazy to think Pat Chambers May get Penn State into the tournament when a year ago he was coming to Crisler and the discussion after the game was about him getting fired the next day after shoving a player.

Noted in the preview that I don’t really like anyone on Michigan’s roster guarding Stevens.

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mentally preparing myself for Mike Watkins to score 40 off the bench

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I expect that the league has highlighted tonight’s game to be its opportunity to correct the injustices perpetrated against the B1G road teams. They will show how fair they are by correcting Iowa’s free throw advantage at home against Michigan, by giving Penn State a decided free throw advantage on the road against Michigan.


I think Stevens is a much bigger concern than Watkins.


Is Livers officially out for the game?

Pregame ref smack talk? That’s something I haven’t seen.

I’m not convinced Stevens wants to get his entirely through the post. If he goes there consistently, totally agree.

Checking in from second 207 row 40! Let’s go boys…protect the ball, grab our boards and let’s cruise in this one!

Side note…realllllly thin crowd here 40 mins to tip off :face_with_monocle:


Not much better with under 10 to go