Game 18: Michigan at Wisconsin Preview


Some teams just seem to play better against Michigan than others, and Wisconsin certainly is one of them. Matthews has seemed inconsistent lately but a closer look shows steady point production (13,14,18,14) and significant minutes (37,32,37,31). Maybe he can avoid those early unforced turnovers and fouls and stay on the court. Would have liked to had some comments about how X might impact the game since he has been hot lately.

I think the way Wisconsin sets up might put the pressure on players other than X to create. That being said, his defense on Trice will be critical.

Give Happ his 30 and hold down the other guys.

I am anticipating Davison drawing three or four charges where a Michigan player leans in and “sends” Davison into the third row. Hopefully none of them occur late in the game.

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The explanation of the timing seems off in that story… If I remember right, Simpson visited Michigan on the way home from his Wisconsin official visit. Not the next week.


Yes, and it also makes it sound like Winston was 100% going to MSU so Michigan moved on. However, in reality, after Winston canceled his visit to Michigan so he could attend the homecoming dance, Beilein just got tired of waiting after years of recruiting him and decided to take the bird in the hand rather than waiting any longer and potentially missing out on both guys.

Happ is a hell of a college player, he really is. BUT, what in the world does he work on in the offseason?

The fact he can’t develop a semblance of a jumper is pretty bad IMO. Even Ward has developed a nice little jumper. No clue how you can’t even be slightly below avg/avg to hitting a mid-range jumper this long in his career.

Wiscy plays good defense, but if we can generate some leverage or momentum downhill, we may be able to take advantage. I like our chances of defending them one-on-one more than vice versa. And getting into the lane could help get Happ in foul trouble, which happens sometimes.

Davison is very adept at drawing offensive fouls. He also exaggerates to the max. Charles and JP need to be very aware.

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It’s a joke how much he flops.

This line opened at M -1 and is already up to -3.

I just don’t see this team beating us without some big home cooking by the Kohl Center zebras.

Wisconsin is really nothing exceptional this year and the 11:00 am local start should mute the crowd somewhat.

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Snow is already falling pretty steadily here in Madison too. Supposed to get 8inches overnight.

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People are severely underestimating Wisconsin. Kohl Center has caused Michigan a seemingly endless amount of trouble (even last year they had a run in them) and they have a ton of players that can attack Michigan in a myriad of ways. I would not at all be shocked if the Badgers snagged a home win.

Dylan has been so relentless in his pessimism about this game that I already accepted the loss days ago. I have since recovered from the defeat and am anticipating bouncing back against Minnesota.


I predict a win for Michigan. Beilein has a week to prepare, I am sure he will come up with some new twists for the offense and defense.

Happ will score 20+, but will also be embarassed at times. Michigan will not trail by more than 4, and will win by 10 pts. That’s how I see it.

The road games at Indiana and Iowa scare me more than this one.

I take solace in the fact that Greg Gard is not Bo Ryan


Good. Mute the crowd even more.

Can you tell us what time the team got in and if they practiced this afternoon at the Kohl Center and for how long? Thanks!

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