Game 18: Iowa at Michigan Open Thread


Keep the focus going remembering “the hunted” gets the opponents “A” game. If you can beat OSU on the road you can also beat Iowa at Crisler. Go Blue!

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I’m optimistic about the Hunter Luka matchup famous last words

I want to hear BigBoutros’s opinion on how the matchup will go

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Just finished a big interview. Didn’t feel great. Makes me think an L is coming.


Refs for tonight? Hoping for Bo.

Officials for Michigan-Iowa: Larry Scirotto, Rob Riley, Edwin Young.

2 out of 3 from the infamous Illinois/Michigan State.


This game is above Edwin Young’s pay grade.

Especially with 2 of the 3 featuring in the EL debacle I stand by my prediction earlier of an abundance of free throws and double bonus.

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That would definitely benefit Iowa

Luka’s elbows will be swinging with reckless abandon then. Super.

We need your life to remain in shambles for the good of the team.


If you ask me my least favorite crew for tonight that might be pretty close to it

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Jeez, that’s a total c-r-a-p ref lineup

Why is Zeb starting instead of Zay? Must be a mistake.

Juwan playing 4D chess

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I can only assume that this crew will overcorrect from their approach to the Illinois - Michigan State game. Hope I’m wrong. Please just be consistent, damn it.

Good they changed the stat sheet to Zay. Thankyou!

I realize that I should have low expectations for Seth Greenberg. But why did he just say Hunter is 6’11" three times when he’s clearly over 7 feet?? Eye roll…

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