Game 17: Northwestern at Michigan Recap

Simpson shooting better than Brooks from three on the year now, just like everyone predicted.

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The players really do seem like they don’t care who scores any given night. Simpson and Teske were the story of this game (and the last one), but one thing I liked about Poole and Iggy was that they didn’t force things and were still relatively efficient: a combined 7 for 15, 18 pts, 5 assists to 1 TO, ORtgs of 131 and 119. Poole seemed like he was specifically looking for Simpson 3s late in the game. Matthews, too, a few too many TOs but relative efficiency without forcing too much.


To add onto that and how they enjoy each other, you could even clearly see Matthews telling Zavier multiple times to shoot it when he was walking it up before the heat check shot. He motioned multiple times with his hands to shoot on that possession.