Game 17: Northwestern at Michigan Open Thread


Iggy’s got pep tonight


I commented in the last game thread that he seems to always have them off


Another game where the refs are whistle happy early, then they put the whistles away for the rest of the half


X needs to stick with wing 3s


Blow the roof off guys


What kind of play was that ? Flagrant !!


Are they actually reviewing this? Common foul.


Pete Nance pissed we took johns


I would be upset if my team was called for a flagrant on that. Big thing is that there wasn’t an injury risk like the undercutting ones.


Yeah, it’s not like the guy blasted him or anything


I thought CM’s offensive would be better/develop this year. Not I’m not so sure.


Lol. I think our Nance offer was committable


Pardon - Kopp 8-12
Teammates 2-12


Good non-flagrant by the refs. They got it right.


I love that Iggy’s free throw routine includes an arm wiggle.


Iggy’s free throw routine of shaking his arm out before shooting is weird


Who got lost on defense there?


Everyone. We had guys running all over the place blowing switches, lol. Seriously rewatch that possession off the ball. It was crazy


John Teske > David Robinson.


Switching slow leaves the wings open