Game 17: Michigan at Ohio State Open Thread


Play like you are the hunted with focus. Go Blue!

Officials today: DJ Carstensen, Courtney Green, Keith Kimble

Jallow isn’t a huge scoring threat but he is known for his perimeter defense.

Didn’t Carstensen work the UM - OSU game in Ann Arbor last year? The game Jay Bilas described as the worst reffed game he saw all year.


Yes I believe he was the one responsible for the jersey tug flagrant. Both of them.

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I was going to ask the forum which refs would be our ideal three for a road game against a team that relies on FTs and which would be our least wanted. Carstensen is probably closer to the worst than best.

I am glad we don’t have Larry C. Though I wanted Bo.

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I know it should be a tough battle and very possibly end in a L, but…what if we just are that good that we put it to them on their home floor and win by about 15? We’re good, but how good? I don’t say it out of cockiness, I guess I’m doing some daydreaming.

He did. That game was Wymer, Szelc and Carstensen


Don’t mind DJ as he typically lets them play, though he can come up with some real head scratchers at times. Keith Kimble is a good get for this type of game. Not a huge Courtney Green fan, though he does seem improved this year.

Surprised by this. Jallow twisted his ankle against PSU but played after he got hurt. Guess there was too much swelling/pain since it happened.

Score a ton of points so refs don’t start calling Jersey tugs

It is also funny to think that we haven’t had Terry Wymer in our life at all this year because he’s not one of the exclusive Big ten refs this year.


I had clocked the whole jersey tug thing out of my mind until today


He let them play way too much last year. Turned into a sport not exactly resembling basketball

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Yes, even before the jersey pull that game was an absolute trainwreck.

It was actually Terry Wymer who initiated that call. The nightmares have not gone away yet.

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After much politicking from OSU I think your right on Wymer initiating. Pretty sure Carstenson was the driving force behind the Maryland jersey tug.

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