Game 13: Binghamton at Michigan Open Thread

Fast start please!

We had that fast start but we’re missing way too many easy looks.

Davis playing solid minutes.

I count 4-5 misses within 6 ft so far already!

Michigan leads 9-7 at the first media timeout. Wolverines are 3-of-4 from long range, but 0-of-6 inside the arc. All 6 interior misses by Brazdeikis and Matthews.

Iggy and CM slow start.

Might better shoot the three.
Those 2s are coming early in the shot clock, too.

Point blank misses. Gotta make those

Really early…

Get the ball into the paint and then kick it out to the three point shooters.

I see JB has changed to 1 foul and sitting now.


That is not a change if the foul comes early.

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M going small.

Michigan favored by 29 on Kenpom and Torvik, -33 in Vegas. Against a zone team, don’t think there is easier money out there given M’s cold streak.

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Did charles miss the rim from the elbow?

Starting to settle down against the zone with some nice passes in the last 3-4 possessions

Love seeing Livers be aggressive attacking the basket