Game 12: Presbyterian at Michigan Recap

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Do you have Brooks’ numbers on “other” twos?

Thanks! I wonder if giving these post-game analyses a different name would obtain you more hits? The title is a little pedestrian; the articles are anything but.

If I’m looking for something to worry about it’s that Wagner has still not really produced at a high volume. A lot of us were convinced that he was going to be the key to a successful season early, and that hasn’t quite been the case. Do you think we’ve been seeing some of the longer-term limitations of his game, Dylan, or is it still just a matter of time? I thought he got burned on D a couple of times today, too.

A very nice defensive performance indeed.

He was ill too along with BJ today according to Juwan,

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In the postgame interview CC said he was a little under the weather, too. I think it’s going around. Hopefully with eight days until the next game everyone can get healthy. And, truly, let’s hope Isaiah recovers quickly.


Franz looked ill when he went to the bench early in the 2nd half. Didn’t return.


well, DDJ attempted to make some assists, but turned the ball over twice.

Bajema looked better than Nunez has so far in any game, I think. Long for a 2 guard which is nice defensively and can shoot it, though he did get bullied a bit on one play. Lovely pull-up jumper at one point.


Is there any update about Livers? Nothing serious?

I wonder how much of the expectations for Franz were based on Mo’s offense contributions? The scouting reports on Franz, if I remember correctly, indicated that Franz is more advanced defensively than offensively (which we’ve seen with “plus” defensive contributions).

And further with his offense skill set that his passing and vision were more advanced than his scoring.

So, IMO, his more pedestrian offensive volume seems in line with the recruiting reports…especially when you add in the wrist injury limiting his ability to work on shooting drills for a month or so leading into the season.

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Didn’t Mo average 3 ppg as a Freshman? I think it’s pretty early to be worried about Franz’s contributions on the offensive end. We’ve seen flashes where an adjustment here or there could be the difference between a make and a miss. Maybe people are spoiled with what we had with Iggy and expected something similar right away.

The scouting report was that Wagner would be a terrific spot up shooter though, which he has struggled with.

Nothing to be overly concerned with though, he’s got a long track record to back that up and his free throw form has been terrific.

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i’d like to see Bajma more. as soon as he gotten in the game he made an impact. he’s super smooth acting the basket and has a great looking shot.

Yes, and I was somehow forgetting that Franz had a fairly effortless 21 points against Oregon.


Oh, yeah, and then there was that thing about Franz having his arm in a cast for five weeks! Or that he, too, was feeling under the weather last Saturday! Or that he just turned 18 four months ago! Or…OK, sorry I just couldn’t resist! :wink: :grin: The kid is going to be SO good, he really is, but we have to be a little patient!

Oh, and in line with what some others are saying on here, I want to see some more of Bajema, too. He’s another one who I think will be a good one.

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