Game 12: Air Force at Michigan Preview

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Sounds like this maybe the opportunity for BJ.

Or, we could go big and force them to try to cover us.

Does Austin Davis really force the issue there? Teske will play and play a lot, but the backup minutes are more interesting.

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What would interest me most is Livers getting to the basket off the bounce and finishing. Heard Coach Beilein talking about not wanting a great athlete become just a shooter, in regards to Livers, saying it’s not a natural thing for him, but believe he will get there eventually. Seems to me early in the year Livers was more aggressive; lately he’s been settling.

Won’t know for sure unless he plays.

I suspect we see several guys get minutes.

This was a good read. I don’t remember these guys at Michigan, as I was barely in college and assistants didn’t seem all that important to me. But it also shows that JB really is the kind of guy we think he is.

Agreed, much as Western provided an opportunity for Davis to show his stuff. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a similar result - Johns putting in his best 4-6 minutes of the season. I doubt he can make them good enough to win the backup job outright.

High Point has a new coach, Tubby Smith. He’ll be back in a Big Ten arena tomorrow in Columbus.