Game 12: Air Force at Michigan Open Thread

Mr. Carstensen again.

I’m ready, let’s go.

I have to stream the game on my phone so I’ll miss the banter here. Will be looking for DB’s statistics every 4 min break though. Go Blue!

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Air Force in a zone early. Interesting.

Don’t see what M’s plan is for attacking the zone.

Yep. Wrote in the preview that they played a good amount of zone last year, but haven’t really played it at all this year. Seeing the matchup look early on and Michigan is missing open threes against it.

Livers in for Teske. Foul on Matthews, now what?

Waiting for their live ball turnovers and some easy transition buckets to get us going.

If they pull Matthews it’s just Eli Brooks to the 2 spot, Poole to 3.

Now who has the size advantage?

There we go fellas

There’s some vision Iggy

One of Iggy’s best passes.

It was a good one. Love the team play!

Falcon offense just a turnover machine

I never thought I’d see Eli Brooks send someone’s shot into the seats!

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