Game 11: Western Michigan at Michigan Recap

Worst game of the year for Michigan by a wide margin (see T-Rank Game Score plot)


Just one of those days today. I do think a potential blueprint had been mined to load up with extra help on Iggy’s drives. You’re at his mercy when you don’t.

He’s going to continue to need to develop his vision and recognition and kick it out earlier, or face “a loaded box” a lot going forward.

His defense today was totally forgettable as well.

Can’t be at your best every game. Unfortunately. Kid will figure it out.

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I was impressed with Flowers. Michigan’s defense is designed to force tough shots without fouling. That approach usually works but pickup game all-stars who make tough shots can thrive against it. Last year the same thing happened against Minnesota when Isaiah Washington went 10/14 inside the arc on similarly tough shots. Nice to see that Michigan can still win on an off night.


I liked when Bardo, after Teske missed layup, said he makes those 9 out of 10 of those; moments later Teske missed another.

Brooks with a pull up jumper. Maybe X is next?!?!

Coach Beilein seems to want a few close games.

Mentally the team wasn’t sharp. Not easy to study and put mental exertion into finals and not be affected. I read very little into this game.

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Number one objective is win the game, which we did. It is good to get pushed, without having to lose the game to learn a lesson.
Let’s see how sharp we are next week.
Good to see Simpson knocking down threes. Huge three by Matthews at the end of the game.

That Matthews 3 was huge, and extended a 5 point lead to 8. I will never know what Flowers was thinking defensively on that play. He had Matthews in the corner, then jumped to the wing, almost as if he were in some kind of zone set, leaving Matthews plenty of room and time to get off the shot. Just weird; but not as weird as the Matthews drive to end the first half, when Printy (I think) could have met Matthews at the 3-point line, but chose to jump (?) for no reason and let Charles drive right past him to the basket.

That game was definitely won on the defensive end. As good as Flowers was, that’s what it took to keep Western in the game. That’s the type of game that the sometimes defensively challenged teams of a number of years ago would have lost.

I didn’t realize Matthews came back to finish 11-16 from the line. Very nice!

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Well, that certainly validates why I felt sick most of this game despite being so jacked up to watch it after waiting a week!