Game 11: Oregon at Michigan Preview

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M will bounce back and not lose two in a row. Go Blue!

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I (eventually) have a question to the forum regarding the season thus far. Please feel free to redirect this post if it’s not applicable here.

U-M currently sits at 8-2 and 1-1 in conference with high-profile (Q1-Q2) wins over Creighton, Iowa St., UNC, Gonzaga, and Iowa, and two “non-bad” losses on the road to Louisville and Illinois. Oregon is our last nonconference shot at a Q1-ish win.

Based on the above, and recklessly assuming they will beat Presbyterian and UMass Lowell, what would you grade U-M’s performance heading into the heart of the conference season if they beat Oregon? What would your grade be if they lose to Oregon? (13-0 would have warranted a grade of A+++ with the fanfare of Ralphie’s teacher’s fantasy reaction in a Christmas Story.)

I think it’s an A– if they beat the Ducks, and a B+ if they lose. I think if UNC hadn’t biffed it a few times after Atlantis, I may have gone with A/A–. In the midst of them playing so well, I forgot what I thought would have been “exceeding” expectations before the season started (somewhere around 9-4 with wins over Creighton, Iowa, Illinois, and Iowa St).

Curious as to other viewpoints…

A- if they win? What would qualify as an A+?

A+ if they win
A- if they lose

The Gonzaga win is just massive. Winning Atlantis was not even a thought on my mind.

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I think the lingering effects of the Illinois loss may have tempered my enthusiasm, but that’s a valid point. A road win would have A+/A for me.


I think it’s a clear A no matter what happens over 40 minutes on Saturday.


It’s pretty close to an A+ if Michigan wins on Saturday. A home loss would really dampen the enthusiasm a bit for me.

Wins over Creighton, Iowa State, UNC, Gonzaga, Iowa and Oregon would be a hell of a Nov/Dec though. One of the best I can remember by Michigan in any recent history.

I know they had the two undefeated starts but those schedules were a bit more forgiving overall.


I say A with a win, B+ with a loss. A loss would make it 3 losses in 4 games (albeit all to good teams) and could be a sign of larger concerns. But a win would make me feel better that those two road losses are just a learning experience.

It’s hard to say A+ when UNC and Iowa State don’t appear to be all that good (still probable Q1 wins though) and Michigan lost both road games. Gonzaga on a neutral court is a great win. And Creighton, Iowa and Oregon at home would be excellent to take care of business at home against teams of that like.


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Winning one of Illinois/Oregon wouldve/will make it an A+. Lose both of those, and I start to wonder how much of Atlantis was getting hot/abusing some teams still getting their feet wet with an experienced senior-laden team.


Reading your breakdown on Pritchard it seems like there are some similarities to Cassius Winston. Is that a fair comp?

Ducks’ take:

B+ it is then.

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