Game 10: South Carolina at Michigan Preview

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I’ll be excited to watch AJ Lawson tomorrow… He’s a kid that I really liked on film out of high school.

Also a good example of how much role can have on a young player. Lawson left to do almost everything for USC and has pretty crappy numbers because of it. Iggy has amazing numbers because he’s able to fit on a team and play a role that suits him.



I think a possible solution for teams abandoning X can be him setting an offball screen. So if X is above the break and his man ditches him, he sets a screen for the offensive player in the corner, who cuts to the space that X’s defender has abandoned. Kind of like a scrape exchange in defensive football.

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Michigan opens as an 18.5 point favorite vs South Carolina.

Yeah, there are some different tactical things you can do and using X as some kind of screener makes sense. Beilein referred to it as a riddle today which is a good way to think about it.

What is tough is that it still takes you away from what you want to do. For example, Michigan wanted to run high ball screen action with Jordan Poole and he might not be able to get in the middle of the defense otherwise.

I worry about a little guy like X banging bodies on screens all day.

Remember he’s a pit bull built like a brick house. Z’d do alright.


X has to make some shots or get downhill with a head of steam. X be alright.

I’ve seen portions of several SC games on tv. They are no where near the team M played in 2016. We should win comfortably by 15 to 25 pts depending how early JB unloads the bench

I saw them live against GW and they were dominating before I left in the first half. If that same SC team shows up, watch out.

Ya just never know with these games. Depending on college kids to ready to play a noon game after a Friday night with Finals around the corner is not a sure thing, plus a million other factors. Case in point: Holy Cross at home and M is down at the half in that game only to go and destroy Villanova a few days later.

Unless we have on of our better shooting days from 3-point range, this game could be a lot closer than many people think.