Game 10: South Carolina at Michigan Open Thread

Hope to see Livers get back on track today.

Checking in from section 207 row 40 per usual! Let’s go blue! Happy to see the student section put in such force for a early game!


Morning peeps, Go Blue!

Officials for Michigan-South Carolina: Terry Oglesby, Courtney Green and Donnie Eppley.

How full is it?

Mmmm with 3 mins to go stadium is about 40% full id say but a lot of people still out ok the concourse, student sections are full

A great time for Matthews and Livers to get back to the norm.

South Carolina over extending pressure early… taking Michigan a bit to adjust but great backdoor find to Teske there.

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Wow what a finish by Teske

Well, I guess Teske is going for 50 today. It was bound to happen sooner or later.

This team is probably over aggressive with these lobs considering we’re not a bunch of mega athletes.

Yak isn’t going to be too pleased about our transition D in that stretch. Jogging was contagious…

On pace for 24 turnovers. Somehow, I suspect that won’t happen.

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Copy and paste fail?

We’ve scored on just about every possession where we haven’t turned it over. Even if we did turn it over that much, I can’t imagine SC keeping up.

This is ugly. Luckily South Carolina is even sloppier than Michigan.

Oops :laughing: It is early :slight_smile:

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