Game 10: Michigan at Illinois Open Thread

Now that M is the hunted the guys need to be prepared to get every opponent’s best effort. Go Blue!

Can Michigan withstand the Orange Crush?

It’s just soda. Game on.


And I hate Orange Crush! My gosh, they should drink a REAL MAN’S drink…White Claw! :grin:


Um, Silver, we need to talk.


Officials for Michigan-Illinois: Bo Boroski, Keith Kimble,
and Lewis Garrison.

How come Franz,Eli,and Teske aren’t starting? Do we have a flu bug epidemic?

OK, so it’s 20 minutes 'til game time, so I can still talk. Oh, and I apologize to everyone on here who was looking for actual game information! I “work” in the summer at our local public municipal golf course. I’m the…you guessed it, the Ambassador of Golf! :grin: Well we sold a lot of White Claw this summer, mostly to women, but near the end of the year several of our league players started drinking White Claw, and I teased them about it. Oh, did I tease them. They tried to tell me it was really good. They said, “You should try it, I think you’d like it, it’s really pretty good! It’s surprisingly refreshing!” Surprisingly refreshing? Uh, no…no thanks! Give me a good Founders All Day IPA, any day, or a Centennial! :rofl:


They are starting. Who said they weren’t?

I pulled up the stats on M Go Blue and the have Colin,DDJ, and Ninez listed as starters. I’m glad they are.

The starting lineups posted on the stat tracker are wrong currently for both teams. Looks like both just have the first five players numerically.

WHY would you go to Mgoblue when you have the BEST basketball site on the planet right here in umhoops?!? :grin:


I don’t need a stroke that’s for sure!:grinning:

That’s where I get the stats tracker.

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For ya’ll that like to get into this kind of stuff…


Scared me for a second, Silver. Myself? Brewery Vivant’s Farm Hand. Nothing better for a game.


I live MAYBE 2 miles from Brewery Vivant. OK, maybe 2 1/2 miles, but walkable! Even for an “old” guy!

Irony. My wife’s studio apt (for work) is a block from Founder’s.

Actually, the game highlights there have always been a guilty pleasure. I have wondered whether others knew about them. And Ed Kangarooski (sic) is so good-natured that it’s hard not to like him.

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Ed Kengerski, Matt! Kengerski! Kangarooski, isn’ that a trick play in football?!? :grin: Oh, and one of the problems with getting old is losing track of things…like TIME! I just went down to watch the game and it doesn’t start for another half an hour! I hate 9:00 starts…after my bed time! :rofl: