Game 1: Appalachian State at Michigan Open Thread

Anybody want to place guesses for leading scorer tonight? I’ll go the easy route and guess Livers with 19.

Simpson with 18. On 6/6 from 3


Teske 22 pts. 10 rebounds.


Looks like Eli Brooks has his left wrist/thumb taped up pretty good in warmups. Will see if that impacts him at all.

Eli had that tape job in the second half against SVSU. I noticed when he shot free throws.

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Guess that isn’t new, then.

Want to see our transition attack continue to take shape.

No substitute for easy baskets.

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Johns leads the way with 27 and 14. Dejulius with 23. Simpson with 19 assists.


I’ll go Brandon Johns off the bench with 21

Ok. What are your predictions for the second half though?

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Second half they focus on defense and Teske/Castleton combine for 19 blocks.

Michigan starting Zavier Simpson, Eli Brooks, Adrien Nunez, Isaiah Livers and Jon Teske in Juwan Howard’s first game as head coach.


Juwan Howard went tie-less in the exhibition. He’s going with the full suit and tie tonight in his first game.


Eli with 30 points on 0/11 from the field and 30/34 from the stripe.


And so it begins…

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That might have been the same play that Michigan started its exhibition with as well. Teske puts back his own miss to start things off.

More touches down there please

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Same play both trips down so far.

Nice hands z