Full replay?

Is there anywhere to watch the full replay of the Ohio St. game? There are some people under the impression “Michigan’s offense looked fine in the first half and were getting good looks for the most part.” My eyes told me the offense was sputtering, bad, but being bailed out by Offensive Rebounds and by Ohio St.'s poor shooting. I feel like Michigan took a handful of bad, contested shots in the first 10-15 minutes of the game. Without a full replay (or a bonus: 6th Key Play from Joe), I can’t prove myself wrong or right.

Some help here, folks.

This channel usually has everything https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChQP0AZdZ7k8wE5emkNKruw/videos

But that game isn’t loaded so watch it here

Thanks for the links. Give me a breakdown of the first 10 minutes of offense. You’d be good at that.

Here is my quick and non-expert breakdown.

Possession 1: Decent ball movement, but no good looks. GRIII takes a contested jumpshot that is off mark. Bad

Possession 2: Stagnant offense. Never once had the ball inside the paint, yet used all 35 seconds of the shot clock resulting in a rushed, contested, jumpshot as the shot clock expired. Morgan does get the offensive board, but misses the put back. Bad

Possession 3: Stauskas hits a fade-a-way 3pt shot. The shot was made, because Stauskas is Stauskas, but I don’t think it was good offensive execution or a good shoot. Push

Possession 4: GRIII gets a nice open look off the in-bounds, but just misses the shot. He follows the shot, gets the rebound and the layup. Good

Possession 5: GRIII tries to back down his man and then takes a contested turn-around jumpshot and misses. Bad

Possession 6: The ball never makes it inside the 3pt arch. Stauskas shoots a contested 3 three feet behind the 3pt line. Bad

Possession 7: LeVert takes a bad 3 but is bailed out by an offensive rebound. Michigan resets and a good shot opens up for Walton who misses. Push

Possession 8: Zak Irvin hits an open three. Good

Possession 9: Turnover. Bad

Possession 10: Walton gets to the rim. I think he kind of forced the layup, but he did have a open look. Good

Possession 11: Turnover. Bad

Possession 12: LeVert gets to the rim and makes a nice layup. Good

Possession 13: Horford takes a shot from the top of the key. I don’t like that shot for Horford, so I don’t consider it a good possession. I won’t call it a bad one, though. Push

Those are all of the possessions of the first 10 minutes, where Michigan was sitting at only 10 points. In my opinion, there were 6 bad possessions… 4 good possessions… 3 push possessions. In the first 10 minutes, Michigan scored .769 points per possession which is lower than any team in NCAA Division 1 Basketball averages. I consider that terrible and it was terrible because of a combination of taking bad shots, missing some good shots, and turnovers.