Friday Nonsense: UMmaculate Grid

I’m not sure if any of you have seen the Immaculate Grid or any of its spin-offs for other sports, but the basic idea is that you get nine squares, each of which is the intersection of two rules, and you have to come up with a player who matches both of those rules. For instance, one square needs a player who played for both the Lakers and Cavs, or another needs a player who played for the Bulls and played for an ACC school.

Crucially, you can only use each player once, so if you have one square that asks for a player who played for both the Magic and the Lakers, and another that asks for a player who averaged 30 ppg and was a number 1 pick, you can only use Shaq for one of those. You’ll have to find another guy who matches the other square. Sometimes a player is the only answer possible for a certain square, so you have to be careful about answering too fast.

Finally, you get nine guesses, total. If you guess a guy and it’s wrong, you lose that guess. You can still guess for that square, but you won’t be able to guess every single square.

Anyway, in trying to give us something silly to do on Friday afternoon, I’ve made a low-tech one for Michigan Basketball players (so only guess Michigan players or else it’d be too easy). Since I’m not hi-tech enough to make this an actual program, I recommend you fill this out (or just type up your answers), save it, and then check your answers. You can mark which ones you got wrong in your post. Honor system.

Bonus points for the most obscure player guessed correctly - I have checked and there is at least one correct answer for each square, but if you manage to find a spot to fit Amadou Ba, you earn the respect of the board.

Finally, because I can’t find the ability to hide spoilers on this forum, I recommend doing this before you scroll down and check everyone else’s answers!


Awesome thread idea! Spending so much time in Crisler and being able to see the retired jerseys was a massive advantage. I’ll also admit I may have used closer to 10-12 guesses but I figure my age would be a handicap :rofl:. I used all my extra guesses on the multiple head coach and is a head coach


Mine was similar but I also can’t think of anyone for that grid. I’m guessing there’s some old head that I’m missing


Is Andrew Dakitch a head coach yet?


Horton. Bullock. Rice
Webber. Deshawn Sims. Buntin
Howard. Rudy T. Cazzie Russell


this is the easiest way i could get it to work - use cazzie in an unexpected place and move rudy t elsewhere, even though the honored jerseys is the thing you have to be careful about using up.

FWIW, a few guys made it to coaching in the ABA or other countries’ pro leagues; i changed it to “any pro league” after i struck out finding any other NBA or college head coaches from spot-checking program history on sports-reference :rofl:


I didn’t check anything, so hopefully my memories are correct


Cazzie coached at SCAD wow. TIL


Daniel Horton Rumuel Robinson Glen Rice

Robert Traylor Jon Teske Bill Buntin

Juwan Howard Rudy T Cazzie Russell


This is not very nonsensy considering you’re the thread starter and you called it the Friday Nonsense Thread. As much as I like it and encourage more of this, in this thread I am expecting you-worthy AND Friday-worthy nonsense from you in the future.

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Wouldn’t Sean Higgins qualify as a player that played for multiple head coaches, and also served as a pro head coach (Albany Patroons amongst others?)

he would indeed!


@telekinetic hypothetically could Nkamhoua count for multiple head coaches and lead team in rebounding, which he’s already done at Tennessee? :joy:



I put him in the top right


monday non-nonsense: i got engaged this weekend. @ekozakowski sorry, you are not invited because we will need you in the instagram depths that weekend


Congrats, man!!

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Congrats!!! Hope your partner passes through admissions! I recommend Tipton for the commitment graphic.



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Rumor is they’re a few credits short. Appeal process is underway. Juwan is personally running point on this one.

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