Freshmen on campus



Good looking guys!

Now on to the height analysis. Eli, 6 foot max (but, wow, he can jump). Jordan, solid 6’3", maybe 6’4". Isaiah probably a bit shy of the published 6’8".


Haha, it’s an annual tradition on this site. I would say using Beilein as the benchmark (who is 6’0 if i remember correctly), Eli is 6’0, Jordan is 6’4, and Isaiah is between 6’6 and 6’7.


Sure. And before too long Dylan will drop in and tell us that it’s an idiotic tradition because you can’t tell sh*t from the pictures. BTW, Isaiah looks cool and confident and also has the whitest teeth. I like this guy.


What a beautiful picture.
They are going to look even better when we see them in uniform.


Jordan and Isaiah look ready to play