Free Throws and one benefit of Purdue's late comeback

We’d missed some free throws over a couple games, and while I wasn’t particularly worried about it, sometimes there a mental block can develop. Purdue’s comeback was annoying and tense but did give us the opportunity for some free throws under pressure, which we made – including two by DJ, two by MAAR, and two by Walton.

Going forward, being such a good free throw shooting team could really be a benefit. Much harder for teams to make or complete comebacks. And able to take advantage of the sometimes tighter whistles in the tourney.


I was thinking the same thing. It had been so nice to know that we could salt away games at the FT line, especially if we could just get the ball to Derrick, but also knowing that the other 4 guys on the court were good options as well. Minnesota was a good preview of how painful a tournament exit at the hands of missed FTs could be.

You could argue that free throws were the difference in the MSU Wisconsin game yesterday.

Michigan is currently ranked 9th in FT%. So that’s pretty good.


I think our free throw shooting, propensity for low-fouling, and our low turnovers are real weapons that can be underrated when evaluating this team’s ceiling.


Was thinking the same thing. Hayes seems like a shell of his former self, when he was propped up by Frank and Dekker. His shot looks so broken.

As a sophomore, Nigel Hayes shot 54% on 2s, 40% on 3s and 74% at the line. As a senior? 48% on 2s, 30% on 3s, 60% at the line.


Do Wisconsin fans give him as much guff as some m fans give Irvin?

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Judging by the comments of the Wisconsin State Journal in the MSU story the answer is yes, if not more. Although their ire does not stop there, as they’re not feeling very good about their team in general at all.

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