Franz Wagner to return for sophomore season

I just love watching him play and how often he’d make a play that we hadn’t seen before. He’s got a great feel for a lot of little things that add up, and he’s got a chip on his shoulder. Can’t wait to see him featured and healthy for a full season!


Bottom line, I refuse to think the U-M basketball team will ever be without a Wagner.


So this team is still loaded with talent, particularly if we’re lucky enough to get another year of Livers. But Bajema and Jackson will need to develop into dependable role players at some point in the season. The guards can’t be Brooks, Smith, and then C.J. Baird and Nunez behind them.


Agree that we need at least one of Bajema or Jackson to develop into a player that can play 5-10 minutes when needed and not be a totally liability (i.e. not-Nunez).

If nobody else is added, they will need more than 5-10 minutes out of Cole/Zeb. I don’t see Smith as a 35 mpg player and the only guards with experience are Smith and Brooks.

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