Four-star forward Gregg Glenn sets announcement date


Congrats to young Glenn. Come on in and compete, overachieve, and prove your doubters wrong. Personally I like his game. More than capable of playing winning team ball
This probably adds to Coach Howard’s chances of landing his son haha. Man, I love my dumb humor sometimes


I like your sense of humor here, too, JJ, but I don’t think it’s dumb. I also like your other recent comment about recruiting “experts.”


I did think about this earlier. In an alternative reality where Beilein was still coaching here most of us would probably be on board with Glenn > Smith if it meant securing Jett’s commitment.

As long as Juwan lands Traore, I’ll be fine with Glenn.

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Seems like there’s a Traore slot and one for Glenn (likely) or a similarly shaped player. The discussion has been Glenn versus the field but the field seems to be shrinking and some of our prospects aren’t interested or we’re not interested in them.

As to Glenn, a lot has been made of the visit with Jett and family ties, but from everything we hear about the staff I can’t imagine Coach Howard is the only one comfortable taking Glenn rather than Smith et al. Glenn certainly can get better but based on what we know from the past two years, it seems like the staff (or some portion of it) thinks they can help him get better.


I will say, that the chances would be much greater, for a kid to accept coaching/hard training, when surrounded by longtime friends, people he trusts, IMO. Just crossing my fingers for Yohan.


Agreed. But even if we only get Glenn It’s still great to be a wolverine. We will be fine. We just had higher expectations, which is not a bad thing