Forum Suggestions

We are looking into making a couple changes to the forum… Would love to hear any opinions on things that you’d like to see around here… Regular features, new features, etc.

Now is your chance.

Ticket exchange?

Have you ever considered a umhoops app? I love going through this forum and reading all the latest news. Mostly do it on the iPad though, so an app would be amazing. I’m sure the idea has crossed people’s minds. Just thought I would mention it.

We’re in the process of redesigning the entire site and the new design will be responsive. Should make browsing the site a much more enjoyable experience on tablets and mobiles.

I would like to see the live game threads here (seemingly easier to post quickly), but that’s just me.

I have a hard time telling which “page” I’m on when within threads. I like to flip through pages since I don’t get on here much during the day. If there were an easier way to see which page I’m on, that’s help me out a bunch. Thanks for the great site.

Maybe a bit separate of a topic, it would be interesting if we could look up a poster’s post history on one specific thread. For example, MattD correctly pointed me to one of his previous posts in one thread to find out some information I was looking for. If I could somehow see a list of his posts on one specific thread easily, I think that might make backtracking in some threads through pages a little easier.

Agreed JBlair. I think the page numbers are either black or blue depending on whether they’ve been read or not, but the difference in colors is very slight and difficult to discern.