Former Michigan Players NOT in NBA



Looks like they should qualify easily for the regional tournament. Should be fun to watch. Stu said on Twitter that they’ve reached out to Manny and Deshawn Sims to play, those would be massive boosts in talent for them. Hopefully in future years they can put together a Michigan only team that could actually compete.

Get Darius Morris, Manny, Deshawn, JMo, Stu, Jon Horford, Duncan, and MAAR together.


So I know ive often been characterized as crazy and as the extreme homer on this site who’s views are just biased or insane. This is not directed at you Swan at all but you posted something about rahkman hiring an agent.

During the off-season before his sophomore year i stated my love for rahkman and how I thought he’d develop into a big time player for us and I said then he’d make at least one all big ten team and I said I could see him developing into a guy who possibly gets drafted second round.

At the time I was absolutely lambasted for this comment. I continued to state over and over the last few years how good Maar was and some came around.

Now he’s not gonna get drafted 2nd round and he didn’t Get all big ten ( he should of imo ) but I wasn’t far off on those predictions ( honorable mention right?) just giving myself some props on a bold unpopular opinion that aged well even if it Didn’t Fully form, but I was pretty close as it’s clear to me maar plays pro somewhere.

I’ve had few others that I was pretty dead on about that sounded nutso at the times I made the comments. Particularly our deep runs the last two years.

So I am crazy but maybe not as insane as I sound in retrospect and I really don’t think I’m just a homer !

I think maar will succeed somewhere soon in the pros by the way.


Was that therapeutic?


a bit, just want to make sure everyone knows im not totally delusional. I do wonder as well where MAAR might get a shot.


He’ll probably try the G-League, but I think MAAR’s game would make him a nice living in Europe.


Yea, I was picturing him moving around g league. I love that kids game. Did he even get any invites for work outs or is that shooting to high?


that’s shooting too high. He just doesn’t really have a single NBA skill or the athleticism, plus he’s old by NBA draft standards. He should make a living in Europe if he wants.

By the way I don’t think you’re crazy Sly, but your prediction was definitely wrong haha.


I mean outside of being completely wrong on the two predictions he made, he nailed it.

Wait. What?


I thought Sly was running counter to the majority opinion. I am not sure but my impression was that, going back to MAAR’s Freshman and Sophmore years around 80% of the fan base believed MAAR was at best “just an ok backup shooting guard”, who, if somehow was in a starting role, playing major minutes, then that would be somehow indicative of us not having a very good team…

In that context Sly was much farther in the direction of being right then being wrong.

I still beleive MAAR has a ways to go before he reaches his ceiling.


I feel like I remember people thinking of Rahk as becoming a solid starter after his freshman year. He had some really impressive games as a freshmen near the end.


Yeah I check out of most boards when the real negative stuff comes out but I feel like most thought he would be a solid starter as an upperclassmen. I feel like he mostly hit expectations.


I wouldn’t be surprised to see him end up in Spain, since he already had a brief exchange there during his time at Michigan.


I know it was wrong but what I’m saying is it ended up being much closer than anyone would have thought. I think I said all big ten once and I could see him getting drafted second round or playing in Europe. I wasn’t far off is what I’m saying and I got drilled for that comment at the time. It was a decent prediction considering the time frame.


Although MAAR steadily improved in most facets of his game I was always a little surprised that he never seemed to make big gains in power and strength…Or at least it didn’t translate into his game nor was it visually apparent. I think his average lower body strength would be a huge barrier to playing at next level. He has NBA quickness, however, imo.


Twitter says Kam Chatman is staying in the draft and hiring an agent.



I actually thought you were joking when you wrote that. Wow.


Maybe I’m dead wrong, but Kam staying in the draft kinda makes sense. He practically carried that Detroit team at times (even though they weren’t very good, he did well for them), it’ll be a mess there again this year, I watched a good amount of their games and he really has the athletic tools to make himself a decent pro, it’s just a matter of coaching at the next level. I think a team takes a summer league look at him, he’s too athletic and his shot is too nice for him not to get a look.

Kinda expected him to grad transfer to Pacific though since his brother will be there this season as an incoming freshman.


He was never considered athletic while at Michigan. Did that change?