Former Michigan Players NOT in NBA


JMo has added to his game.


Seems that Manny is playing in Greece too


Darius Morris played for Guangdong Tigers in China this season but it seems that he just got cut and was replaced by Donald Sloan.


Peddi is in Rome


Good to see all those guys still doing what they love.


Harsh world over there, if Google Translate is to be believed: Morris’ 3 pt shooting not good enough and Donald Sloan’s birth weight

(scratch that, read that wrong, but the article seems to suggest Sloan is 3 feet tall and weighs 200 pounds)




If I’m reading right that’s 56 teams from 32 countries (looks like his is in Athens?), sponsored by FIBA. Looks like his team has reached the semi-finals. Not too shabby.

Anyone who knows a little about it, fill me/us in.

We think of the NBA as be all and end-all. But I could see how leading a team to glory in something like this could be as or more rewarding than a lesser role here.


I don’t think it’s the biggest european competition, which I believe is EuroLeague. Second is EuroCup. This is the third tier competition. I know EuroLeague is a very big deal. I don’t know how much they celebrate the Champions League though.


Interesting. Is Europe supporting more levels of pro hoop than the US? If there are 56 teams in this one. . .


Their basketball leagues operate a lot like their soccer leagues do. Every country has their own professional or semiprofessional leagues, promotion/relegation within their basketball associations, top teams quality for continental competition. US is pretty unique in their professional sports. Most other countries operate completely different.


The photos in this insta album he posted are also worth checking out. People were fired up that they won.


Holy crap — talk about a celebration!! That looks like the streets of Philly when the Eagles won the Super Bowl, except with more shirtless men.


I guess this kinda goes here now


Looks like a Big Ten TBT team (fan-inspired tournament to win $2 Million for those unfamiliar) was created. Many notable Michigan alumns are featured on the team, including Duncan, Dakich, Mark Donnal, Jon Horford, and Stu Douglass.


Here we go! Finally get some more Michigan guys involved in this. Dakich does not belong on that team though. They won’t win with their current lineup but I hope they make it to the final tournament


Yeah, there are some pretty good players in that tournament, including a lot of guys who have been playing professionally overseas for years. I’ve watched the semis and finals the last couple years. It gets pretty intense.


Yeah, the team is pretty weak to be honest. Just thought it was cool.


Oh yeah thanks for posting it.

They’ve got a decent core with Horford and Stu who are established pros. Then Duncan and Jae’sean could be valuable players. But Donnal, Kam Williams, and Dakich are not on the level of the established pros they’d have to play.