Former Michigan Players NOT in NBA


I feel bad for him.

It is crazy to think about how many things need to fall into place for a good basketball player to be able to have a good college career and even more so to have a pro career.

In addition to the back issue didn’t Ricky have trouble sleeping and a sweaty hand disorder?

I always liked Ricky a lot. I wish him well in whatever he pursues.


feel very sorry for Doyle. He seems to be a genuinely nice guy and did quite well his freshman year


I’ll never forget the “Ricky Doyle” chants at Barclays Center his freshman year! It was a great performance early in the season from the freshman. I wish him well outside of basketball.


D Walton Stats…


I hope D Walton is earning for good $$ for his effort !




Derrick Walton joining Moe Wagner’s childhood club.


Derrick Walton playing with Franz Wagner!! Interesting. Derrick, tell him how great it is playing for Michigan. (LIkely a pipe dream)


He’ll have a good time in Berlin!

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Aubrey Dawkins dropped 32 for UCF and almost got the upset over Duke. Crazy game, would have been nice for father/son to pull that off. I think he still has a year left of eligibility if I remember correctly.


He still has a year of eligibility? If so, that’s wild to think about. He was in the same recruiting class as MAAR.


Yeah, he will be a pretty old senior but he took a year off to transfer and then missed his first year at UCF due to injury. Plus, I think he went to prep school prior to college. So he’ll be a 24 year old for UCF next year if I’m correct.


The 6th year isn’t always given, which Audrey would need to be eligible. If he was injured during the redshirt year, they could grant him that 6th year.


He played two seasons at Michigan, transferred to UCF (mandatory transfer redshirt), lost the next season to a preseason shoulder injury, and played this season. He would need a sixth year waiver to continue playing, though since his first redshirt was not injury-related I would think his case would be dicey. Then again it’s the NCAA so who knows. :man_shrugging:


Duncan Robinson 3rd Team All-GLeague


Any chance he gets drafted? has him as the 60th pick but not sure if that’s a legit site anymore.


He would have had to get a waiver to play another year anyway. He has been on a college campus for 5 years already i believe


Like @umhoops said, Jonathan Givony and Mike Schmitz are the two best draft experts to follow imo. I personally like Sam Vecenie for The Athletic as well but I just like how engaging he is with people. I’m not sure how good he actually is since this past year was the first time I followed his work.