Former Michigan Players NOT in NBA


I feel bad for him.

It is crazy to think about how many things need to fall into place for a good basketball player to be able to have a good college career and even more so to have a pro career.

In addition to the back issue didn’t Ricky have trouble sleeping and a sweaty hand disorder?

I always liked Ricky a lot. I wish him well in whatever he pursues.


feel very sorry for Doyle. He seems to be a genuinely nice guy and did quite well his freshman year


I’ll never forget the “Ricky Doyle” chants at Barclays Center his freshman year! It was a great performance early in the season from the freshman. I wish him well outside of basketball.


D Walton Stats…


I hope D Walton is earning for good $$ for his effort !




Derrick Walton joining Moe Wagner’s childhood club.


Derrick Walton playing with Franz Wagner!! Interesting. Derrick, tell him how great it is playing for Michigan. (LIkely a pipe dream)


He’ll have a good time in Berlin!

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