Form Tracker: March 1st, 2023


I was pretty shocked to see Kobe didn’t have any Kenpom MVPs since NW. Dug has two since then. I suppose he would have had it for the Wisconsin game had we won.

It was a joy to vote Too Low for Kobe. And also pleasing to think about it and conclude that Hunter deserved his lofty number as well.


this is an absolutely umhoops-memetastic list of guys, lord have mercy


I’ll just explode with happiness if Kobe comes back. That’ll be a bounce in my step for a very long time.


I don’t see it happening, NIL and lots of it might help.

This chart tells me that even if Kobe comes back we should target Tominaga in the portal to be our 2. Kobe can be 6th man.


Let’s say we get another two performances this week for Kobe that have been on trend from the past several weeks - does Kobe get any All Big Ten honors? If so, where are we putting him?

I think he’s in the 3rd team discussion if Michigan wins a game this week and he plays well.


Tominaga’s black hole assist rate is so baller


yesterday the color commentator said something about like “sissoko’s out of the game, look for nebraska to work into the pos-” right as tominaga rose up for a 3 from near the logo


Was fun to watch all the clips, appreciate you putting them in every week Dylan! But not having the Hunter miracle in his video is just being stubborn :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Zack Shaw of Michigan Insider posted a statistical deep dive today. The most interesting fact he mentioned is that Mich is giving up fewest 3PA in Big Ten in Feb. I suspect that primarily reflects who they have played, but are there schematic or other tweaks people have noticed to limit 3PA?

only played tominaga once


For Kobe, anything less than a 10/10 is too low. How else can you look at a kid who is trending to be a lottery pick, ahead of Jett (i know he isnt projected there yet, but wait - also cry. We cant have nice things).

For Twill, if he could make a shot, i would give him a 6 or even a 7; but since he cant, 5 is better.

For Baker, if he could defend a little, id give him a 5/6, but he cant, so 4.5. But we need a 7 game out of him this week!

Taris - hard to evaluate. Lots of good stuff! Turnovers, though… ugh.

Most nervous week in a couple years. Dylan can maybe figure out when the last time the final week was this important? (Trey sophomore year, when we lost on the last shot to Indiana?)

I for one am looking forward to next weeks tracker with Jett getting a 9 as M sweeps ILL and IU to clinch 2nd place. Its great to be a Michigan Wolverine! GO BLUE!!!:wink::grinning::hushed:


Last year at Ohio State.


Learned last night that tominga is a senior with one year of eligibility left. I hope its not just the message boards that want him…


Funny! I guess every year, it feels so fresh!

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Ah, the Devante Jones game. What a heck of a win that was.