For the first time in decades, Michigan State is no longer the benchmark for Michigan women's basketball


Good stuff. My daughter’s regional semifinal soccer match has been cancelled due to rain here in Tallahassee, and she and I are going to sit down and watch. Thanks for setting the table.

I’m really looking forward to this game. This seems like a season where Michigan could not only beat MSU, but sweep them if a 2nd game gets played.

We’ve spent a bunch of time talking about how to reschedule men’s games and balancing getting as many games in while still staying fresh to compete for a B1G title. The women have the same problem with even more games to reschedule. I don’t know how but I really hope there’s a way to get some of these big games rescheduled (2nd MSU game, Maryland, Rutgers) because this team only has 1 conference loss and could definitely be competing for a B1G title in a normal year.

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Excited for the feature. Excellent read!

Very good . I’m glad the women are part of UM Hoops too.