Florida State

Our worst nightmare……this is exactly the type of team we do not want to see. I pray our effort on the glass/defense is much better than it was tonight. If not, we’re going to be in for a long night. Absolutely imperative that Mitch stays out of foul trouble.

vcu just played horribly. offensively, we’ll give fsu much more of a challenge. if we can be somewhat competent on defense and crashing the boards, we should do ok.

Exactly my thoughts…as someone who attended FSU last year and regularly saw the basketball players on campus, it’s hard to explain how big the team is. The have 3 7 footers, and two of them Boris (not gonna bother trying to spell his last name) and Michael Ojo are freakishly big. I swear Michael Ojo had bigger hands than my head. We need a better effort on box outs on they’re going to kill us on the offensive glass. They’re not a particularly good shooting team and tend to turn the ball over quite a bit so I’d say we have a good advantage on that front. Also their guards aren’t anything special from what I remember going to games. If we can drive on their big men (who aren’t really that skilled aside from their freakish size) and put them in foul trouble early, we should be ok. We obviously don’t match up well in term of size, but I do believe we have more talent so hopefully Michigan comes prepared to play.

It’s certainly not the sort of favorable matchup we were hoping for, but it’s still winnable. Honestly at this point, I think the loss of a chance at 2 RPI 100 teams instead getting just 1 + LBSU is the greater concern come March.

Agree we are going to have to be beasts on the defensive glass, and having to emphasize that in one day is going to be very difficult.