Five thoughts on Michigan's 2020-21 basketball schedule


Dylan!! The amount of, and quality of, your content lately has been off the charts. Even more so than usual. We appreciate you!


I’ll second that!

Amazing work!

Thanks @IanLemersal . Starting to get excited about the season actually starting – still worried what it looks like and what happens when it does, but exciting to have some enthusiasm around here. Been a looooong year for everyone obviously.


Same with me. When I looked at the schedule and saw that we were only a week away before the first game I started getting that usual anticipation. Probably even more so because of all of the excitement in the recruiting sphere since March and how much a distraction like college basketball would improve my day to day sanity. And I’m already in the mind state where even if the on court success isn’t Big Ten contention level, which I’m dubious on, being able to see the future of the program with Williams, Zeb, and Dickinson will make watching each game more than worth it.

Looking at some other Big Ten schedules and a few more notable one-plays that I noticed:

Illinois: Michigan State, Michigan, Iowa, Rutgers
Iowa: Michigan, Illinois
Michigan State: Wisconsin, Illinois

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Initial thoughts were that is a pretty favorable draw with single plays and home/road splits. Id much rather have the tough stretch at the end of the year when the team should be at its most cohesive. Agree it should be a nice on ramp during 2020 to get roles and lineups sorted out. I predict an improvement on last season b1G record. Somewhere in the 12-14 win range. I’ll go with 18-7 as my prediction would should be in line with a 4-6 seed in NCAA. So excited to see this team play!


Every year, I think this is important info to take into consideration when predicting the conference. I like Michigan’s single plays, but this really tips things towards Illinois out of the upper tier contenders.

Clearly the B1G didn’t want the booming Illinois/Iowa rivalry to become too big of a thing after the fireworks from last year!

Some KenPom projections are in! Still missing a handful of games in there though…

Is he using the same home and away formula stuff as before? Seems like that’ll be a huge question mark for the reliability of the whole rating system this year given the lack of fans.

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Ah, you’re way ahead of me. Any idea what the usual number is? I have no idea how to interpret the 2.25 constant lol.

Seems like it’s missing Oakland, UCF, home vs Iowa and @MSU. I would assume that would be 3-1 for Michigan.

Aside from the nonconferece, only a couple games we are clearly favored to win and only a couple games we are clearly not favored. I’d say it about lines up with what we already knew: the whole season’s a toss up for now.

Updated KenPom numbers…

How does the predicted record jive with the game predictions (i.e. predicted record of 16-9/12-8, but only predicted 6 losses on the schedule)?

The predicted record is based on the probabilities.

Picked up some big wins over Wisconsin, Illinois, MSU and Iowa. Really proud of the guys.


Breaking up the projected record: 9-2 start with a 7-7 finish. Rough.

A 12-8 or better conference record would be a great season.

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