Five takeaways from Michigan's win over Norfolk State


Beilein is right, unless we have injuries or foul trouble, we don’t need more than an 8 man rotation. No one else looks near ready. It will be nice if we can get them a few minutes here and there to help the process along.

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Are we surprised to have blown Castleton’s and Nunez’s redshirts? (That’s accurate, right?)

I’m a bit surprised.

Can always pull a hamstring after a couple games.


Ah, good point.

That doesn’t sound very Beileinian.

This is a classic Beilein start of the season. Work out the kinks early (i.e. free throws) and prepare for our big matchups later on.

Beilein has always referred to redshirts in this situation. Believe he usually says something like “we have a couple games to figure it out”… I’d have to go back and listen to pressers from DJ Wilson’s freshman year.

I do think the offense will start to run better, especially when not facing junk zones like Norfolk, but I’m not sure what the answer is for the free throw shooting. It comes down to personnel and mental issues at this point.


Seeing how Michigan and OSU shot, Big Ten coaches should be working on adding some zone defenses.

And Austin Davis. He had a cameo vs Marquette his freshman year.

College basketball needs to get on board like college football… freshmen should be able to play a few games without burning a redshirt