Five takeaways from Michigan's win at Villanova

Michigan is 15-2 in Big Ten and NCAA tournament games over the last two seasons

I love you, man.

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Iggy was fantastic last night (and in the second half against Holy Cross). I, like others here, was concerned that there might be an adjustment period before he played at or near his ceiling–I’m extremely happy to say I was wrong about that.

If Iggy becomes a one and done so be it. He’s so fun to watch. I wonder if he and Z are trying to see who can make the most tough acrobatic layups. Haha

Or which one can piss off an opposing player quicker. Both of those guys are players, who you love them when they are on your team and hate them when you play against them.

That game had the feeling of a NCAA Tournament game, right from the beginning.

It seems like there should have been about 5 or 6 games played between where Michigan was in the first two games and where they were last night.

At some point, Poole will be locked and loaded and Johns and DeJulius will be operational. I pity the poor fools on our schedule.

Still can’t get over how much Livers has improved from last year.

I would just like to know how much prep time Yaklich spent on Villanova.

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Dylan, I have a question. Why was Z hit with a flagrant 1 on that hook & hold instead of a common foul. I’ve seen it called as a common foul in other games and do not see any difference.

Hook and holds are flagrant one fouls this year. It was pretty clearly a hook and hold when I watched the replay.

Good explainer here by Brendan.

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Not trying to start an argument with anyone on this, but I agree with Izzo on this one. The other night was a perfect example of how much it slows the game down. If they want to call a foul on the hook and hold, fine, but I don’t agree with the flagrant one aspect nor having to stop the game to look at the monitor EVERY time it’s called.


One takeaway Michigan Basketball has won 18 of its last 20 games.