Five takeaways from Michigan's win at Illinois

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Speaking of the fifth bullet on upcoming schedule, assuming they beat Northwestern Sunday, then for the next 5 games after, in my opinion:

  • 2-3 = Disappointment but not the end of the world, those are tough road games.

  • 3-2 = Good if win @Iowa/Very Good if win @Wisconsin or Indiana

  • 4-1 = Great

  • 5-0 = Ecstatic

Here’s the schedule, which seems like the toughest 5 game stretch:
Ohio State


Michigan is often most effective when they just ball. Saw it against Holy Cross. Saw it last night. Seen it against some zone. Get ball. See basket. Get to basket. Brazdeikis and Matthews thrive in these situations.

Promising: X shot looked good last night both from 3 and free throws.

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Totally agree. There are so many ways this team can beat you and always seem to make the adjustment if needed.

Dylan, I thought that this was one of the best pieces ever. It really captured the key points.

I will only add that I am really happy that we have upperclassmen at the 1 and 5, especially last night.

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I think the closing 5 game stretch (@Minnesota, MSU, Nebraska, @Maryland, @MSU) looks a bit tougher than the stretch you highlighted. I agree that losing all three of the upcoming road games would be a disappointment, and I fear it would knock us out of the conference title race.

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as season moves on, X looks less and less like a liability on offense

I like the fact that this team is doing just enough to collect their wins, no need to play a perfect game every time.

Those FTs he canned at the end of the game were smooth. Perfect swishes.

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I can for sure see those 5 games being tougher, no arguments here. The unknown of how Minnesota and Maryland may be playing at that time is what made me believe this upcoming stretch could be tougher. Plus, Michigan seems to always struggle in Iowa.

If Minny and Maryland are playing well at that time, then agreed, I would absolutely say those last 5 games.

Minnesota could fall apart at any minute has been true for most of Pitino’s sojourn at the Barn. I expect Maryland to improve all year, as long as they stay healthy. They have a lot of young talent on their roster, and a competent upperclassman running the point.

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I can’t find it now, but I remember discussing in the preseason what type of production people were looking for from Teske, and @umhoops I believe estimated just above 20. :rofl::rofl: Just a good reminder the season rarely plays out how anyone thinks in the preseason

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I definitely didn’t think Teske was able to play this many minutes.

I definitely didn’t think so either, it’s a huge leap up from the ~12-13 from last year. It’s impressive and much needed.

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