Five takeaways from Michigan's open practice

I thought Eli looked great. He looked lighter (Last year I thought he almost looked a little puggy, not anymore.) Definitely quicker. He also benefited from being on Zavier’s team. Michigan this year will be Zavier’s team. If anything, I thought he looked even better than Brooks and I don’t think took a shot outside of 3 feet.

I think Jordan suffered from playing with DD versus Z. He will be fine. Stroke looked great in the 3 point contest.

I am very excited about this team. I think most on this board are being cautious with their optimism. I am very open with my optimism.

Let’s get this season started. Can’t wait for the 11/14 game at Villanova. 1st true test.


Answer: Ricky Green, Rumeal Robinson, Jalen Rose, Xavier Simpson

Question: Who are PG’S that led Michigan to national championship game without a reliable outside shot?

Couldn’t put Trey Burke on that list


You forgot George Pomey, LOL!!

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I didn’t know pg on Cazzie’s teams!! Thanks for info. I thought about looking it up but you saved me the effort

It will be big having Brooks back up Poole and probably Simpson as well. We won’t need to have Jordan play 35+ minutes every game.
I have to say that I was impressed with Livers outside shooting.
I don’t think that we will have to depend on the freshmen, outside of Iggy and Johns, for major contributions this year. That is a very good thing.

I’ve been saying this since Feb of last year, and I still feel this way…if X wanted to, he could easily score 10+ ppg without ever taking a shot outside of 5 feet. Obviously doesn’t make sense with his role in this offense, but he’s just so good at that scooping layup from a hundred different angles.

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Those three had a lot more offensive game than Zavier can ever dream of. All were top 16 picks and had long NBA careers.

Zavier won’t play a minute in the NBA.

Well, I will disagree with that. Z is the best defensive guard I’ve seen in the Big Ten since Eric Snow. Z’s offensive game and free throw shooting are better than Eric’s ever were in college.

Eric Snow played 13 years in the NBA. Time will tell, but I say with a 15 man roster, the NBA has space for players with his defensive skills.

Zavier is 5’ 8” and can’t shoot. His NBA dreams are just that. Not much of a demand for a 5’ 8” defensive stopper.

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We’ll see.

Even if you are right you are probably wrong.

Nobody can be sure what opportunities Z will have after college. We can be sure that, despite being a poor shooter, he led us to a championship game–because it happened.

By the way, as I exited Crisler last night I saw a kindergarten age boy holding his dad’s hand. I asked the boy who his favorite player is. He smiled and held his fingers out and said “3”…


This Z led us to the National Championship game is really rich. That team was entirely dependent on Wagner last year.

Z shot terrible and averaged 6.5 points pg during the tourney run. Plus he led the team in turnovers.

Multiple people led us to that game.

Anyway, I will ask the boy if you are right, if I ever see him again.

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Played great defense. GREAT.


DiVincenzo didn’t think so when he was on him.

He led us to the finals…not to a NCAA championship.


DiVi also made some absolute bombs.

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“ National Championship game”

You’re on him for not stopping a guy 8 inches taller than him playing an entirely different position? Okay. And “that team was entirely dependent on Wagner last year”–wow, JB must be the greatest coach in basketball history to have led a team entirely dependent on a guy who wasn’t even first team all-conference to the National Championship game.

Still waiting for your response to the defensive stats I posted on Simpson about a month ago.