Five takeaways from Michigan's 70-62 win over Western Michigan



I’m trying to take something away from this game but it’s headed for the scrap heap of my memory bank. A year from now I’d be hard pressed to tell you anything about this game. That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy watching the game. Now if Brandon Johns had played… or David DeJulius played… naw. I’d still find this game uneventful and unmemorable


Good job again Bailey. Keep up the great work.


It is pretty nice that we are 11-0 and our biggest complaint is that we are not winning by large enough scores.


Bailey is doing great job. I think she even had a cameo in one press conference.
Have to admit I was going to write an angry letter to the editor when the first Coach Beilein post game Western Michigan video was posted and only included the last two minutes of presser, but Bailey quickly corrected the error and provided 11+ minutes of bliss. What a recovery!!


What do you mean only included the last two minutes? Must have been a glitch from when it loaded for you based on the fact that we were livestreaming it.


Yes that’s probably correct. I went back a few minutes later and had the whole thing.


I always wonder how you get those videos up so fast. It’s amazing

Even though those videos are free to everybody, I greatly appreciate, and it’s one of the reasons I happily subscribe


Dylan two questions: 1) If the President shuts down the Govt Friday as threatened, is our game with AFA in jeopardy of being cancelled or rescheduled? 2) I understand Lamelo Ball visited M Saturday. Is he a serious recruit? Would JB want Mr. Ball hanging around like @UCLA?


Air Force played both football games in the 2013 shutdown so I’d have to assume that’s a negative.

As for the second question, he stated earlier that it was almost certainly just an Isaiah Jackson thing that some Spire teammates tagged along on.


The game will be played either way. Department of defense is already funded.

Wrote this in the recruiting thread. Sounds like Isaiah Jackson was here with a couple of his SPIRE teammates (including LaMelo) and his coach (Jermaine Jackson Sr.). Michigan is not recruiting Ball.


Thanks for your answer.