Five takeaways from Michigan's 64-49 win over Florida

A masterpiece by Simpson. The skip pass and skywalk dunk was almost as exciting as the Poole winner against Houston.


…and shades of the Hardaway slam against VCU.

Texas Tech is the best 3 seed in the field. Would be a fascinating match-up.

It was Spike to GRIII against VCU.

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I don’t follow Big 12 basketball very much, but is there anything to a weak BIg 12 in that TT is considered the best team since early Feb? I’m not saying they wouldn’t be a huge challenge for Michigan, but after seeing the Big 12 teams in the tournament, I wonder if TT’s numbers (including W/L) aren’t inflated by an overrated conference. I guess the Buffalo game will answer some of that though.

Really something better digested in the off-season, but #4 is really on point. As hard as it was in the early/mid aughts to imagine the program being at where it is now, in some regards it’s hard to remember just how bad the program was at that time.

I don’t think you can find a current B10 program now to compare what the feel was like for those teams. Even current Rutgers has more hope for the future than what the Michigan program had back then. It was a graveyard and no matter who they brought it (and I do think they had some quality players) the program was stuck in neutral and going nowhere.

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Those numbers are adjusted to opponent strength.

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Thanks. I wish I understood how Torvik’s (or any) math works. The Big 12 just seems a step or two below the Big 10 this year.

If it matter, Torvik had the B10 as the best conference in CBB, with the B12 second.

People get lost in the ACC’s top 3, but ignore that the bottom half of the conference is arguably worse than all the B10 teams save NW.


I have basketball PTSD from those days. Horrible basketball. Empty Crisler. So years of not really caring about the tournament. Hail and thanks to Coach B for changing all that.

There is absolutely no data to this, just how it seems based on watching a bunch of games at the Honda Center (or Pond).

Overall, it seems harder to shoot there. Whether it’s the optics or whatnot, it seems like players/teams struggle to shoot their averages.

I’m sure there’s been games where teams have shot well or lights out, but from what I saw watching plenty of games there over the years, shooting is tougher there. Something to consider if it’s a Buffalo and for Gonzaga.

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Whatever the O/U is in the TTU-Michigan game, take the under.