Five takeaways from Michigan's 13-point win over Maryland

Its good DDJ and probably BJ will be getting more minutes now to prepare them for 3 games in 3 days in the B1G tourney. They will be needed or the starters will be gassed if they make it to the last day second half.

If DDJ gets going and Poole returns next year, does Eli Brooks or Nuñez transfer?

Dylan - Please fix the typo at the beginning that said Simpson had five TOs. That’s not accurate…correct? I think it means rebounds.

It still amazes me that this team struggles to shoot so often. I’d love to see some advanced stats that show Poole’s progression from last year to this year but also show how he’s falling short of the lofty expectations that were set for him. I almost wonder if Michigan needs to dial up more plays for him or Livers out of the Duncan Robinson playbook from last year.

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Yep, my bad.

I think we’re going to see the Brooks transfer watch heat up depending on Poole’s decision. Only natural, as he’ll be going on year 3 with no clear path to extended playing time (DDJ moves to backup 1 and eats into 3-4 min of Brooks’ time). Meanwhile Nunez will only be in his second year, with the possibility of being the shooter off the bench for the 2 or 3 depending on development.

I think wishful speculation is more accurate than “watch” Fans love to get rid of players who don’t perform to their expectations.
Might as well throw Austin Davis in there as well.

There will be attrition after the year, there almost always is. Trying to project it at this point of the time is pretty much worthless. Things can change so much over a month, two months. Don’t know what the NBA will bring, some people transfers for non-hoops related reasons (Aubrey Dawkins, for example), etc.


In the case of Austin Davis, next year will be his 4th year (since he red shirted freshman year). He might want to stay his 4th year, graduate and go be a grad transfer somewhere. Getting a Bachelors from Michigan and a Masters somewhere would be pretty nice.

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Yep. I can’t think there’s any reason Austin would transfer after this year unless Beilein was straight Creaning people. Would make no sense.

Sometimes athletes graduate in 3 years


I think Cam Johnson’s the only 3 year grad transfer I’ve ever heard of in hoops? Generally it’s just football players who enrolled early.

Depends on the school and how everything is set up. I believe several guys have graduated in 3 years at Indiana recently.

Not sure how far along Davis is credit wise, but he did have over a 4.0 in high school and took a number of advanced placement classes. He may have already had some credits before enrolling on campus. If he took classes in the summer throughout his time at U of M, he could probably be done by the end of this summer.

I see Nick Ward had hand surgery last night. I think he will be out @ least 3 wks unless he has a miraculous healing. Any thoughts?

“In terms of a recover timetable, Izzo said he’s heard of players with similar injuries being out from anywhere between three and five weeks. The Spartans’ regular season ends exactly three weeks from Ward’s injury.”


See Michigan State discussion thread.

Yeah. I did that but was looking forward to playing against him because he did not play well against M his last 3 games. I still remember his stare down with CM last year. He thought we could be bullied.

He won’t trsnsfer unless he is graduating. He wants the UM degree.