Five takeaways from Michigan Media Day 2019

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All sounds good except Livers as the secondary creator. I think Eli/Franz are better candidates for that role, and I do think Franz will replace Livers eventually in the starting lineup.

Replace Livers in the starting lineup? Or are you saying Livers moves to the 4 and Wagner starts at the 3?

I’m saying Franz will eventually replace Livers at the 3.

I think Livers should be starting on the 4, but Howard appears set on playing him at the 3. He seems to prefer or more traditional-sized PF, which is understandable. But you have to play with the guys you got. Will be interesting to see it play out though.

I think Beilein would have planned on using Livers at the 3 too. There’s a lot of unknowns on the roster and any coach would have to adjust to what the players show. A lineup with Johns at the 4 should have the highest ceiling. It makes sense to start by seeing if that will work.

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What’s the optimal starting 5?

1 - Simpson
2 - Wagner
3 - Livers
4 - Johns
5 - Teske

Or does Brooks start at the 2, Wagner become the 3, and Livers bumps to the 4?

If Brooks starts at the 2, he needs to try to seek out his shot this year. No point keeping the rock attached to his hip pocket.

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Livers I believe becomes one of our top scorers this year, Livers did not fit the Beilein system as well as he will fit the Howard system.

Livers will be one of Michigan’s leading scorers because he’s an efficient shooter who is gonna play 50% more minutes.

Why do you think he’s better suited for this yet to be seen system?


I think he will fit better because of his athleticism that was very seldom used under the Beilein system. Beilein used the shot clock until the end. Many times it seemed they passed the ball because they needed to reach a set quantity of passes before a shot was taken. I see Livers involved with many more fast break opportunities this year with less set plays in half court situations.

Not great. Not sure if Johns can afford a setback like that

Yeah hope it’s a minor/low ankle sprain and not a high ankle sprain.

Man. During Juwan’s presser at media day some clown totally jinxed the team with the question about injuries.

I wonder if this gives Castleton a few more looks at the four these next few weeks in practice.

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