Five-star guard Jaden Springer schedules Michigan official visit

Nicely done by Michigan’s staff to get two of my favorite targets on the board on campus the first weekend of the football season.


Interested in why you wrote favorite. Due to play style, potential fit on Michigan, overall talent?

I’d love to see your breakdown of all the offers in terms of your perceptionof their talent. Like does it match the recruiting rankings or are a couple players way better in your eyes?

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Kessler is my favorite big on the board just because of his skillset. Love Springer’s film too. Springer is not the only guard on the board I love by any means, but he’s impressive. Can plan on doing a deep dive into a couple players coming up.


Thanks Dylan! It’s hard to sift through all of these 4/5 stars guys haha. Safe to say Michigan will be happy to land any 2-3 of these dudes.

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Dickinson and Springer were in that category because they were expected one of these two weekends but hadn’t been officially announced.

The next group has discussed a visit but we haven’t heard exactly when or anything beyond a want to visit.

Thanks again Dylan for the heads up. Would there be any chance of one of these elites coming in for their visit without media or fans knowing ahead of time this day and age? I also see Christopher will be visiting Feb 8 for the Sparty game. I guess later is better than not at all. Right?

I gotta think Dickinson would be the second weekend with Kessler going this weekend. What about Jace? Who is he closest with in the group of guys coming the first two weekends?

Although I guess they could just have him there both weekends unless he has other commitments.

Jace is going the second weekend and is close with Burnett


Jace is on the tracker for week 2.

Can only take one official visit, so he wouldn’t be there both weekends. I guess he could take an unofficial, but he’s also a high school kid living in Miami who is starting up classes. Don’t think he’ll be flying up to Ann Arbor every weekend.

Got it. Thanks

Sounds like Zeb is supposed to be here with Kessler and Springer