Five shots of the year so far

There’s been so much fun hoops this year already. Just for fun, here are my five favorite shots of the year so far in chronological order:

Derrick’s layup @ Nebraska - the shot that announced we had a whole group of guys who could step up.

Nik’s 3 @Wiscy – the shot that reset expectations and heralded Nik’s arrival.

Nik’s 3 + Derrick’s And-1 @ MSU – the shots that really broke open the year. (Slight cheat here but it’s like the 5 key plays + 1 deal).

GRIII’s 3 @OSU – the shot that cemented the last demon exorcised and that we weren’t going anywhere.

Caris’s 3 going into half vs. MSU – the shot that set the table for the second half and put them in a position to be in a position to win the B1G (and put on full display Caris’s burgeoning confidence).

Hoping to extend the list to ten or more in the next few weeks…

I’m thinking GR3’s buzzer beat just knocked the Nebraska layup off this list.

Well, the list sure needed updating in a hurry. Or we can just add it as #6 on the way to ten.

Nik’s 3 against MSU with the triple fist pump was pretty special.