Five Key Plays: North Carolina at Michigan

You can tell Dylan is excited by how quickly this was written


More to do with schedule… Tough when there’s a game the next day or travel the next day (i.e. flying out of Philly/Hartford).

That end of the half sequence was so critical - Teske’s effort was just phenomenal.

I enjoyed Z breaking the trap, but I don’t know how often he’ll be able to get away with that. After picking up his dribble, he basically just rammed his arm into the defender’s thigh, dropped the ball, and pretended it had been knocked out of his hands. No wonder Ol’ Roy got so frustrated…


Despite how clearly the move benefitted my rooting interests, I immediately felt for Roy and imagined my reaction if I was a UNC fan

Z definitely knows all the tricks of the trade. He just can’t use the hook and hold in tight quarters with the refs really looking for that now.

My favorite was #4 Leaky meeting Charles. It reminded me of last year when Nick Ward had that opportunity also. haha.


I was trying to figure out how he got away with that. He’s definitely become the guy you want on your team.