Five Key Plays: Michigan 84, Purdue 78 (2OT)

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That supposed shot clock violation is so strange. I assume the screenshot in the link shows the shot clock at 0 when the ball is still in Hunter’s hands, but I watched the clip several times, and I swear that the buzzer didn’t sound until the ball had clearly left his hands.

Yeah, here’s the still:

Why didn’t the backboard LED light go off? Isn’t it technically when that light goes off (since the shot clock does not display tenths of a second)?

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Listen again. The buzzer sounds with the ball in his hands.

Sounds after to me too tbh. And if so, the shot would’ve been good - timer in this situation doesn’t matter as much as lights or horn.

My hearing must be going. I clearly hear it sounding after the release.

Is there a link to the shot?

Oh that’s so interesting. It seems like the timing may be off on Dylan’s 5 Key Plays video. When I listen on that, I clearly hear it after the shot also. But on the highlights video below, it clearly sounds before the shot. Weird.

Thanks, it’s starting to make sense for me now. I wasn’t able to watch the game, so have only seen the 5KP clip of the play.

I’m not sure how much you can ever trust audio sync on tv/internet/etc. I know my soundbar is a disaster in that regard :joy:

I’ve been told that the buzzer is always going to sound after the shot clock shows zero. The reason for that is because the shot clock doesn’t show the tenths of seconds that are still left. I’m not 100% sure of this, but this is what I have always believed to be true.

Wow watching DDJ making assists and driving at the end of the game is very encouraging. I didn’t realize he did that until watching it again in the video. If he can continue to build on that, it will definitely help UM.


Went to the game, didn’t have much time to get on since then though. One cool thing I noticed after was it is #6 in kenpom’s game rankings for “tension” on the season. not sure how that is calculated but if you watched the game I’m sure you’d agree. Really cool to see Simpson slice up the middle towards the end, most of those takes were right in front of our seats.

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Would have to guess it has to do with how much of the game is near the 50% win probability line for both teams. Especially as it gets closer to the end.

Tension measures the area between the win probability plot (assuming equal teams, so not the one shown) and the 50% line. The most tense game to date was an overtime affair between Sacred Heart and Maine on November 19. Neither team led by more than six over the entire 45 minutes.”

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Who would have thought you can measure nervousness with integrals?


I actually use win probability charts as a visual illustration when I’m lecturing on how movies create tension.


Yup, here’s the win prob chart for the game.

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