Five Key Plays: Michigan 79, Creighton 69

Watch Juwan direct traffic on the two sets in clip #5. Some guys were unsure and out of position to begin each set, but he talked them into position, and the sets clicked. Juwan is awesome.


Yep – definitely caught that. Hands on, directing traffic and calling the shots. I said during the summer that I was really curious to see what he looks like on the bench, he looks comfortable and in control.


Both plays in clip #5 were the “Wedge Pop” set I highlighted here:


You’ve shown us some great stuff. thanks.

(It is shocking how quick hitting Michigan’s stuff is right now. Just a quick action and shot or pass. and maybe one more pass after that.)


Clip 3 brought joy, but clip 5 brought confidence for next year! watch all the 2nd half clips and just watch Juwan. When Z on the floor, he basically just sits and watches; in one clip, the only thing he does is tell DDJ to give the ball to Z! When Z is on the bench, at the last min, he directs Eli to pass to the open Livers (not sure if brooks was doing that anyway). And those last two sets! I just wonder why the players seem slow to react to what he wants, but that could be early season kinks. These clips, plus the earlier one you all posted on the double drag screen Juwan brought in from the NBA. We have a coach and a team. Top 25 seems attainable!