Five Key Plays: Michigan 76, Purdue 57

I could only get the first video to play.

Did it seem like Purdue’s early plan was to sag off the 3-point line and try to take away the driving lanes. That was what I thought teams would start to do given our ability to slash and our poor 3-point shooting. If so, it was the wrong day to try it.

What happened with the other videos?

All videos played fine for me

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Videos played good for me too.

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This time they played. Before, the video went dark and a message appeared and said the player wasn’t working or words to that effect.

I missed it live but watching these 5KP, I am LOLing at Charles’s demeanor during the sequence of Jordan making that three in the last video.

“Pass it pass it no what are you dooiiiinngggg ahh nice shot!”

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Players do a really good job of making the extra pass. Charles clearly likes that spot in the court. One thing I like about these guys though is that they aren’t one side of the court dependent. And if you watch them practice you can see why; they are required to take shots from each part of the court.

The best Charles off the ball shot in those vids is actually during Iggy’s 3. He does a follow through that almost perfectly lines up with Iggy’s as he back away in transition.


good pickup-hilarious. Matthews is really involved in the game-I underestimate his leadership.