Five Key Plays: Michigan 74, Indiana 63


Poor McRoberts - he’s going to have to suffer being the goat of that highlight film for a long time. That’s almost as enjoyable as that clip of Teske dunking over Purdue’s Ivan Drago from last year.

Freshmen tend to take 2 steps forward and one step back in their progression as players, but if Johns can continue to build on this game, wow, what a difference he can make. It will not only make us stronger at the 5, but also deeper at the 3 & 4 by freeing up Livers to play more backup minutes at those positions.


I can’t wait to see Johns shed his nervousness and get rid of his hesitation. He is such a great combination of size, strength, athleticism and skill. His development raises our already high prospects.


I’m drawing a blank on his recruitment but is he a solid 3 point shooter as well? At least at the high school/AAU level?

I don’t know his percentages but he shoots 3’s with very good form.

He has always been able to shoot the three. Broke down some of that back when he committed.

There’s a million reasons why your website is the best college basketball website in the business (I feel extra confident saying that, because I usually try to google opponents’ team blogs and am always found wanting), but this kind of substantial breakdown of a very specific component of team, grounded in both stats and narrative, is the epitome of what UMhoops brings to the table. The conference-wide coverage is also unmatched. Seems like the writers here know the rest of the B1G better than their own writers.