Five Key Plays: Michigan 69, Rutgers 63


The pass from Franz to Johns on the first triple is just plain nasty.


Yep. Was gonna say my two favorite plays were that pass and Johns drive and dish


I loved both of those as well, but the play that led to the most noise emanating from my “man cave” was when X, literally going out of bounds, found a streaking Brandon Johns flying up the lane who put it down with an explosive two handed flush! That certainly brought this old guy out of his seat! In fact my silver hair almost hit the ceiling!


That Johns drive and dish was probably both his best take and his best pass of the season.


Was shocked at how on target that pass was.

Loved the play where Teske hit the cutting Brooks flying down the baseline, who, in midair ,swings it Johns for three


It has been a while since we took a defensive charge down low (Brooks) and since the ball changed so many hands before Jone’s three. Good sign for the defense and offense. This team will be scary in the tournaments with Livers in the lineup.


It was good to see Simpson and the center get the ball screen going, let’s hope they can keep it up against the better coaches at MSU and UW who will force Simpson to score not dish.

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My favorite is in the fourth video when the announcer talks about how “locked in” Young is on defense vs Zavier and as soon as the announcer says it Zavier just blows by him for a lay up. Quality content right there.


Franz and Johns will pump you up!


It just struck me how aware Eli is on these plays - he’s running the baseline hard when Franz is passing to Teske - literally one play ahead!

Loved the Rutgers bench reactions in all of the first half plays.

His off ball movement, really on either end of the floor, is miles ahead of anyone else on the team, IMO.


When M moves the ball with crisp quick passes they certainly are at their best. Hopefully we’ve seen the last of the turnover causing lazy passes for the duration of the season.


Make that two old guys myself included. :laughing:

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Dylan if you have a sec, how would you compare Eli and MAAR at this stage in their careers (2.5 years in)… Eli’s junior year counting stats are actually better which surprised me

Great comparison Spike.

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